Village Laundromat & Dry Cleaners Reviews

This place is always clean and I’ve never had any problems with a machine, or even seen any machines out of order. The staff is always friendly and nice. I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the washers are all about a dollar cheaper than the laundromat near my old apartment. All in all, I couldn’t be happier to have this place right down the street – couldn’t ask for more.

Karuss W.

Clean and lots of washers and dryers of different sizes. Plenty of parking and friendly people.

Dana H.

Great staff. This place is CLEAN. Everyone is always very nice to me and my kids. Best place in Bergenfield to do your laundry. And for a treat I have dropped my laundry off to be washed and folded. What a deal.

Eydie S.

Whenever I need to use a laundromat, I go here. The place feels nice and clean, and they have so many plants which makes the place look so much better!

Kazuha K.

Let me just say that I do not work here and this was my first time setting foot into this establishment. My home washing machine was down for repair. I went online with Google Maps to find a local coin-op. I found Village Laundromat. Their website was very inviting. I called Village Laundromat to find out how busy they were. The attendant very courteously answered the phone and said it wasn’t very busy at that time today. I visited Village Laundromat within the hour. The floors were CLEAN. The inside of the machines were CLEAN. The tops of the machines were CLEAN. The tables were CLEAN. The laundry carts were CLEAN. The bathroom was CLEAN. And Guess what, this place was CLEAN. Payment like other laundromats these days is via a proprietary swipe debit card system to start a washer or a dryer. The attendant explained that you fund the cards via a self explanatory menu driven kiosk that accepts credit cards, debit cards, and cash. She also indicated that there that, per the kiosk menu, there is a minimum $10.00 transfer if you chose the debit/credit card option. Also note that any money left on the swipe card is not refundable. At the end of the day you take the swipe card with you for another day. The attendant was really customer service oriented. She was busy doing five things at once, however, she was more than happy to answer my questions and help me along to get started. The customers also are very respectful. Oh, and by the way, did I mention that my clothes came out clean. I would definitely return if the need arises.